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Sonics Empire



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We went offline for a short time to concentrate on this new drill product of Sonics Empire’s major drill series. This is what we developed and brought back: Drillinois. It’s a street drill vibe that reaches straight to the heart. To make it live longer than expected as one of the most important hip hop genres out there, we go lyrical on this drill genre to give it a taste and a vibe. This is not Uk or NY, but Chicago drill Now, where we travel with the sounds included to create the most enjoyable experience for you.This collection offers chords, basslines, drum patterns, vocals, melodies, and more, all in stem format. Includes tempo and key labels and is 100% royalty-free. Download Now.

Pack Contents:

  • 70 Wav Files
  • 5 Construction Kits
  • 20 MIDI Instruments
  • 30 MIDI Drill Drums
  • 10 Layered Samples
  • Chords & Melodies (Loops)
  • Drums & Vocals (Loops)
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Mixed & Mastered
  • Tempo & Key Labeled

Total Number Of Files:

  • 124
  • 494.8 MB
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